HVAC professionals typically work in hospitals and maintenance departments in the industrial or commercial sectors. They also work as equipment distributors, residential mechanical contractors, air conditioning contractors and commercial heating contractors. According to the US Bureau of labor Statistics, the job prospects for HVAC professionals are bright. It has been reported that employment opportunities for refrigeration and air-conditioning installers and mechanics is likely to grow by 15% between 2016 and 2026.

HVAC Schools in Ohio

There are many schools in Ohio that are offering certifications and technical trainings to individuals who want to enter this line of work. If you are planning to enroll in an HVAC training program, you might want to consider applying to some of these HVAC Schools in Ohio:

  1. University of Northwestern Ohio

The Partnership for Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Accreditation (PAHRA) has fully accredited the HVAC/R program offered by the university. The university’s College of Applied Technologies offers the following HVAC programs:

  • Associate of Applied Science, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology: This program takes 20 months to complete. It prepares students for entry level jobs in the HVAC industry. The program incorporates a number of modules ranging from Heat Pump Systems, Heat Controls, Refrigeration Controls & Systems, Heating Controls and Air Conditioning Systems.
  • Diploma, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology: This program takes 16 months to complete. The courses covered in this diploma include Heat Pumps & Controls, Service & Procedures, Refrigeration/Heating Controls & Systems etc.
  1. Pike County Career Tech Center

The Pike County Career Tech Center offers an HVAC Program, which is an accredited 2-year technical course for high school students. The junior year focuses on air conditioning troubleshooting skills, soldering/brazing and electric heating. The second year covers topics like installation and system design. The program helps students prepare for the HVAC Excellence HEAT exam, along with the EPA 608 certification exam.

  1. Columbus State Community College

The university offers an Associate Degree in HVAC Technology, along with a number of different certifications. The details of the programs are listed below:

  • Associate of Applied Science, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology: This is an associate degree program that helps students develop the technical skills needed in the HVAC industry. This degree incorporates a number of topics such as Automatic Controls, Heating Systems, Principles of Refrigeration, Load Calculations, Piping Systems, HVAC Wiring Circuits etc.
  • Certificates: In addition to the associate’s degree, the university also offers a range of certifications. These include Test and Balance Certificate, Light Commercial Certificate, Large Commercial Certificate and Controls Certificate.


The HVAC industry offers a number of rewarding career opportunities as repair workers, maintenance workers and boilermakers. If you are interested in exploring your career options in the HVAC industry, then you might consider applying to one of these HVAC Schools in Ohio.